What I Learned Last Week

This has nothing to do with food. (Well, except that too many hotdogs after midnight are a bad thing. Same with too many missed meals, too many late nights, too many early mornings, too much second-hand smoke over bad beer and a life-threatening lack of coffee before 11 a.m.) This has nothing to do with…Continue readingWhat I Learned Last Week

Out of the Kitchen

I hadn’t cooked for a month. Since I’d been working as a journalism trainer for an IMMF course on the Changing Role of Women in Asia, I’d barely stepped foot into my kitchen. I found a few new restaurant gems in surprising places, but truthfully I’m thoroughly sick of eating out for a while. Yet…Continue readingOut of the Kitchen

Food for Love

“It’s about love…. I cook for my family because of love.” — Burmese journalist I’ve spent the past week in Bangkok as a journalism co-trainer for an IMMF course on “The Changing Role of Women in Asia.” The class brings together 16 bright, insightful young journalists from Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. (If you’ve been…Continue readingFood for Love

A Shot of Prevention

Coup update: Bangkokians go ga-ga over the tanks surrounding government buildings. Schools are making field trips to the area, and kids are posing for photos beside the mighty machines. Vendors have set up shop, selling food and balloons amid the carnival affair. My question is: What happens if/when the military decides it’s not yet the…Continue readingA Shot of Prevention

I Love Barfi

I tried to post something last night, but it’s been raining in Chiang Mai and the Internet was down. The Internet is always down during a good rain. Remember, this here is the technology hub of Thailand. The government said so. Anyway… Barfi is wonderful. During our trip to Kuala Lumpur a few months back,…Continue readingI Love Barfi

ASK ME! water

Is clean, fresh drinking water a serious problem in Southeast Asia? Is it becoming more of a problem since the Chinese want to dam things up along the big rivers there? If so, how does it affect life there for the locals and travelers? — Joanna, Albuquerque A timely question, considering the Indochina Media Memorial…Continue readingASK ME! water

ASK ME! appetizers

It’s traditional for Americans to have appetizers, Italians have antipasto (out of the menu), the French have hors d’oeuvres (outside the work), etc.  Is there a similar tradition for foods before the main course in Asia? — Helen, Wisconsin Some people might say the Thais eat nothing but appetizers! Thais love to nibble all day…Continue readingASK ME! appetizers

Breakfast in Burma

A woman in the Shan State of Burma coaxes her cooking fire Last week, one of the Burmese journalists in the IMMF class gave me a package of mohinga. What a gift! Mohinga is a national dish of Burma, frequently eaten for breakfast. It’s a rich fish-based broth with rice noodles, turmeric, ginger, onion, chili,…Continue readingBreakfast in Burma

The Things I Learn

For the next week, I’ll be working as a classroom editor for the Indochina Media Memorial Foundation. IMMF is a journalism training group, established by photojournalist Tim Page in honor of journalists killed while covering the wars in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. Every year, the group offers a month-long journalism course based on a particular…Continue readingThe Things I Learn

ASK ME! market travel

My husband and I are planning some Southeast Asian travel revolving around food markets. Wonder if you have any favorite food markets, defined any way you like — size, what’s on offer, outgoing vendors, unusual/interesting produce, setting, etc. — Robyn, Kuala Lumpur Thanks for the question, Robyn. Here are some of my favorites. I’d be…Continue readingASK ME! market travel