Job’s Tears

Job’s Tears with honey My newfound Naga friends introduced me to Job’s Tears (also gluten-free!), a great little grain that grows and looks and tastes like a cross between rice and corn. Nagas like to fry it, puff it and eat it as a snack with tea. Or drizzled with honey for breakfast. Or steamed…Continue readingJob’s Tears

Good Morning Nagaland

  I rise to the sun inching its way over the hills to the east of Tuophema village. Chickens peck the ground, and village life begins again. The sky turns pink; a distant church gleams. We eat our breakfast in a dining room with all windows toward the mountain horizon. And a new experience that…Continue readingGood Morning Nagaland

A Big World Without Gluten

I had stomach aches when I was little. I threw up in my grade-school lunchroom, and I refused to eat lunch at school for the rest of the year. My mother picked me up and took me home every day at noon. I can’t believe she did that for me. Doctors didn’t find any particular…Continue readingA Big World Without Gluten

ASK ME! gluten-free Thai, food safety

I’ve been meaning to rejuvenate the ASK ME! department for months, so when I received two questions about Thai food from gluten-free readers on the same day, I figured it was time…. My daughter has celiac, and I noticed you mentioned you are gluten intolerant. I have bought her Thai Kitchen brand noodles a lot,…Continue readingASK ME! gluten-free Thai, food safety

Asian Labels

In Brunei a couple of months ago, I picked up a package of gluten-free noodles made from sweet potatoes (slightly slippery but rather yummy, much like thick rice noodles). The package pretty much says everything else. Gotta love the creative English found in Asia:Continue readingAsian Labels

Cheating with Pizza

I’m bad to my stomach but good to Cambodia. About every six months, when we’re in Phnom Penh, I eat pizza. I love pizza, so it’s a good thing a good pizza is not so common where we live in Thailand or I’d completely ruin my gluten-free diet. (Unlike many people with gluten problems, I’m…Continue readingCheating with Pizza

Gluten Sushi Dilemma No More

Several months ago, a Japanese restaurant called Izakaya opened a block away from our condo. Sushi for lunch! Far more tantalizing than the nearby soup stalls that ladle up little bowls of MSG-drenched noodles. It’s no world-renowned sushi, but at least I leave the restaurant with a clear head. Problem is (was), wheat is the…Continue readingGluten Sushi Dilemma No More

Gluten-Free Summer Celebration Pasta

Eggplant roasting on our little back-porch grill Earlier this week, I turned an age that my brother informs me is “undeniably what could be referred to as ‘middle-aged.’” Perhaps. But I’ve lived many interesting lives in those years and I am rich in memories. And in any case, my brother will always be 13 years…Continue readingGluten-Free Summer Celebration Pasta

Return to Thailand

Hamburgers. Cheese curds. Good affordable wine. Great local beer. And Milwaukee’s Pickles — which happen to be the best, simply the best, and I’m not alone in this assessment. One online fan claims, “Milwaukee’s Midget Dill Pickles are the greatest thing going since sex.” Anyway, it was a yummy two weeks, but I’ve returned to…Continue readingReturn to Thailand

Air Food

I usually fly an Asian airline across the big blue puddle, when returning home to the States for a visit. But this time, I took United (Bangkok – Tokyo – Chicago – Milwaukee). When I fly an Asian airline, I can almost always count on a few rice-based dishes during the long haul (Singapore offers…Continue readingAir Food