What I Learned Last Week

This has nothing to do with food. (Well, except that too many hotdogs after midnight are a bad thing. Same with too many missed meals, too many late nights, too many early mornings, too much second-hand smoke over bad beer and a life-threatening lack of coffee before 11 a.m.) This has nothing to do with…Continue readingWhat I Learned Last Week

A Cambodian Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 1998, Phnom Penh I spent Thanksgiving 1998 with garbage sweepers and pickers at the Stung Meanchey dump in Phnom Penh. I was working on a story about pollution for The Cambodia Daily. By the following year, I had returned to Oregon and I wrote a Thanksgiving commentary about the workers I had met the…Continue readingA Cambodian Thanksgiving

In Hiding

Wisconsin wine cellar with garden squash and onions We’re not incapacitated. We just spent a few days in hiding. It was my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. My sister threw a party. She invited us; we came. We didn’t tell anyone else we’d be there. For two days, we hid in my sister’s house (on a…Continue readingIn Hiding

And We Eat Pig

Tony, racing through the jungle “Do you want to see hunting?” Sylvester asks. We gather around a vast kitchen table, sipping whiskey in fluorescent light as a generator rumbles outside. We plan the next day’s trek through the Kelabit highlands of Borneo, where Sylvester and his reticent friend Tony will guide us. “No, no that’s…Continue readingAnd We Eat Pig

A Borneo 4th of July

Lo and behold, we did find hotdogs on the river on the 4th of July! Here we are in a Muslim kampung across the river from Kuching. Bought these tasty red dogs from a friendly family with a streetside stall, just as a storm thundered in. Happy independence to all.Continue readingA Borneo 4th of July

Kuching Sunday Market

Happy July 4th, to all those Americans out there! We’re a long way from hotdogs in the park, but we do have ample eating opportunities here in Kuching, the City of Cats. Kuching, capital of Sarawak, is the largest city on the island of Borneo. It throbs with activity, especially on Sunday morning during the…Continue readingKuching Sunday Market

A Fruitful University

In Chiang Mai, we live a block from the CMU campus. It’s a wide stretch of land with plenty of tracks, trails and shaded sidewalks (plus too much traffic and dogs that chase). I run here almost every day. And almost every day, I find people gathering food. I follow a paved walkway around a…Continue readingA Fruitful University

Rebel Melons

We ride through a small village at the base of Phnom Voar, in the countryside near Kep. In years past, the residents of this red-dirt village belonged to the Khmer Rouge. But war ended in 1998 and little sign of the past remains. Phnom Voar made world news in 1994 when Khmer Rouge soldiers attacked…Continue readingRebel Melons

ASK ME! chicken feet

• I have three words for you: Chicken feet. Why? – Kate, Shanghai Well, now that’s an interesting question. Did you know the United States is the world’s largest chicken foot supplier? Until the bird flu scare interrupted exports and imports, the US shipped a steady supply of 8 billion chicken feet to China each…Continue readingASK ME! chicken feet