Chile, Es Natural

It’s Saturday, my first day in Costa Rica. My niece takes us on a quiet little tour of Miramar, the small town she has called home for two months. We visit the ATM. It gives us a message: “You took too much time taking your money so the bank will keep it.” It’s just a…Continue readingChile, Es Natural

The Rosi Recipes #3: A Silk Road Gourmet Meal

I’m getting behind in my Rosi posts, and this one is out of order. But I wanted to write this now, to give you right now a glimpse of Laura Kelley’s fabulous new cookbook, The Silk Road Gourmet (available soon through Amazon and Barnes & Noble; have a look at Laura’s website for further details).…Continue readingThe Rosi Recipes #3: A Silk Road Gourmet Meal

To Market, to Market We Bike!

Last month, I was so psyched at the thought of returning to summer in New Mexico. Blue skies, plenty of sun, mountains to climb, trails to ride, tomatoes to grow! If only. If only, I thought then, we had a farmers market nearby. The closest venues required a drive north to Albuquerque or south to…Continue readingTo Market, to Market We Bike!


Lots of links this week. Here’s the food angle.Continue readingLink

The General’s Tea

Photo by Tiep Seiha The history of Thai tea and the Kuomintang. Pictured above, General Lue. Below, Mae Salong. Photo by Kyaw San MinContinue readingThe General’s Tea

Thai Curry for the Weather

I’m a little behind in mentioning this, but we were still in Myanmar when this posted. Remember the Prem Organic Cooking Academy and Farm? I’m impressed with the efforts of this place near Chiang Mai, where kids from all over Asia get down-and-dirty hands-on lessons in traditional Thai kitchen techniques. The academy operates under the…Continue readingThai Curry for the Weather

Ice Cream Devils

Just returned to Chiang Mai after a week exploring the hills around Kengtung, in the Shan State of Myanmar. Fascinating people, food and markets, quite different from those in Thailand (even though the Thais and Shans share the same ethnic heritage). I promise, more on that later. But first: remember my iberry infatuation? I’m psyched…Continue readingIce Cream Devils

Links Galore

I must confess, I’ve been a little frantic these past couple of weeks, and it’s only going to get worse until we leave the country at month’s end. I’m a little behind on all I had hoped to do. But I want to take the time to express my dear thanks to Margaret, of Tea…Continue readingLinks Galore

The Olympics Afterword

Remember the visa fiasco? This just in from my Beijing buddy (who happens to be a very respectable journalist): More tomorrow on the Olympics, except to say that I totally know why your visa got denied. Food safety was one of the number one most sensitive things at the Games and they didn’t want people talking…Continue readingThe Olympics Afterword

Are There Any Good Food Writers?

A peculiar conversation has developed in one little corner of the food blogosphere, which has led to another chat, and another beyond that. At issue are questions on whether good food writers, good food writing, and readers of such people and things exist. The comment that sparked this forum: “I honestly can’t think of another…Continue readingAre There Any Good Food Writers?