Bison Times

Photos by Karen We traveled with the Burmese to the Blackfeet Nation. We stayed in tipis and sang by the side of a bonfire as a full moon arced overhead. We ate buffalo heart and ribs in a native meal. We watched dancers dance in their traditional ways as drummers drummed and Heart Butte shook…Continue readingBison Times

15 Tacos

One order of Texas sirloin tacos. When we first moved to Cambodia in 1998, Jerry took a stroll through the neighborhood and came upon a vendor beside her hot, oily wok. She was selling fritters. He didn’t know exactly what they were or what they were called, but he was interested. Since he didn’t yet…Continue reading15 Tacos

Do You Really Want to Eat That?

Did you know up to 38 percent of all American cattle have E. coli 0157:H7 at the time of slaughter? Hmm. I’m swimming in information from the past year of food research. My latest story for The Faster Times presents a few health and safety factoids about burgers, pesticides, butter wrappers, canned tomatoes, microwave popcorn,…Continue readingDo You Really Want to Eat That?

The Goodwill Balinese Chicken

Fishing in Bali It’s crazy cold here in Colorado! We’re covered in fresh layers of snow and ice. Schools are closed. And I’m sitting here shivering. So once again my thoughts go tropical. I am fulfilling my promise to post the recipe for that Balinese chicken I mentioned on my Facebook page last week. Garlic,…Continue readingThe Goodwill Balinese Chicken

Massaman Curry for a Holiday Crowd

You know how it is this time of year—lots of obligations to the festive side of life. A few weeks back, we had a crowd of 15 for dinner. Not a huge gathering, but big enough to necessitate extra thought. I finally did it right: I made a vat of curry before guests arrived, allowing…Continue readingMassaman Curry for a Holiday Crowd

Got Meat, Will Ride

Just when we thought we knew how to eat for optimal athletic performance, the science shifts on us. For women, anyway. Or maybe it doesn’t—read my musings from the murky world of sports nutrition, today in The Faster Times. And tell me: what do you eat before and after you exercise? Does protein lift you…Continue readingGot Meat, Will Ride

Grilled Beef Wrapped in Wild Betel

I got a yen for wild betel in Vieng Xay, in a laid-back local market that sold an assortment of lunch pickings—sticky rice, sour bamboo, tangy dollops of jaeow, spicy little meatballs and grilled buffalo (above, middle, left of the balls) that had been mixed with onions and spices, wrapped in betel leaves and grilled…Continue readingGrilled Beef Wrapped in Wild Betel

PIG STORIES: The Last Squeal

WARNING: Some readers might find the following photos offensive. This is the third in a three-part series on the lives and deaths of Asian pigs. Read about a Cambodian pig slaughter in The Faster Times. In much of Asia, butchery is a mundane duty, and the average villager knows precisely the origins of his dinner.…Continue readingPIG STORIES: The Last Squeal

PIG STORIES: The Spiritual Pork

A few weeks ago, Jerry and I had the remarkable opportunity to witness an animist ceremony honoring the forest gods in a northern Lao village. Read the story in The Faster Times, and take a photographic scroll through that afternoon here. The villagers sacrificed a pig, offered bits of it to the spirits and divvied…Continue readingPIG STORIES: The Spiritual Pork

PIG STORIES: Free-Range Porkers in a Little Lao Village

A pig wanders freely through Sophoon, Laos. What do Lao villagers think about free-range vs. industrial farming? Find out in The Faster Times. This is the first in a three-part series on the lives and deaths of Asian pigs. I wanted to add a P.S. here. While the article focuses on pigs, some of the…Continue readingPIG STORIES: Free-Range Porkers in a Little Lao Village