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Just a Chile

chile counter

Just a chile, spilling its seeds on the counter. I liked it, that’s all.

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I’m really enjoying your blog – and the photos. Are you taking these pictures yourself? Your header photo changing every day has been a lot of fun too. Keeps me guessing what tomorrow will be. Thanks for keeping this up!

Thanks, Shannon. My husband, Jerry Redfern, is the professional photojournalist around here, so he takes the pictures. I haven’t actually used a camera in an absurdly long time! One of these months, I’ll get around to a new blog design, but the changing banner will remain a feature. I hope to have more of them soon….

Miles, I will soon *attempt* to grow a few Naga chiles, and I have a couple of small Thai birds waiting to be put into the ground. We’d been warned that a cold spell always strikes New Mexico in April, and here it is. Nasty, brutal wind and rain this week. All of my herbs and starter plants are sitting on the kitchen counter now. Too much to do! We still need to rototill the yard….

My Naga plants are doing very well considering it is England and we’ve just had snow! I don’t expect them to be as hot as the ones you will be able to grow in a New Mexico climate but I will be happy just to see them fruit. It’s a long road!!

Miles, I’ve been using fractions of the smoked Nagas I brought back from Nagaland. Just a quarter of a chile was enough to light a bowl of bean dip on fire! And the smoke adds the perfect accent to Mexican flavors.

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