Lao Lao

Lao lao

It’s in there. You can’t see it, but the devil lurks inside. Actually, it’s a handsome devil that only rears its ugly head when you partake too much.

Lao lao. Lau lao. Spell it how you will, the Laotians do a mean whisky (from rice). Sometimes it’s beautiful moonshine that mixes pleasantly with lime juice or soda. Sometimes it’s a wretched elixir sold from plastic jugs in the market, taken home in plastic baggies. In any case, lao lao is invariably strong, pungent, bold; gutsier than any whisky sold at home (my home, anyway). For a real treat, try lao hai, jar wine drunk through long straws from a massive vessel.

5 thoughts on “Lao Lao

  1. Hello dear! This stuff sounds dangerous! Does it taste anything like the whisky here? That’s one of LB’s favorite drinks, but even the smell of it brings the shudders to me! This looks far tastier for some reason – must be the lime. I hope you’re doing well over there halfway across the world! Eugene is cold these days and we’re getting that rare sunshine in october = clear days and nights and wind! BTW – your photographs are looking just stunning lately.

  2. Michelle,
    You’re back! I was just thinking of you recently. So glad to see you writing again — and I can’t wait to catch up on your blog. Congrats on all fronts!
    As for Lao Lao, I don’t think it tastes like whisky. Closer to vodka or gin but much stronger and earthier. But it really depends on the variety. Some types taste like nothing. Some types taste like jet fuel (not that I’ve actually tasted jet fuel).

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