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New Toy, New Obsession


I’m really not a gadget person, not in the kitchen, not anywhere else. I pound my spices with stone. I boil water each morning, then press my coffee into shape. I barely remember we have a microwave.

But a juicer, now that’s another story. I used to sit beside the juice lady at a vegetarian restaurant on Suthep Road, one of our regular lunch spots in Chiang Mai, and I’d watch her zip through carrots with a little wrist motion and nothing else. Millions of shreds would spew from the side, tumbling into a 20-gallon bag of vegetable refuse. And out the spout came a sweetness of the most magnificent orange.

I wanted a juicer for passionfruit and dragonfruit, papaya and starfruit, mangosteens and mangoes. But our nook of an outdoor kitchen had no room for appliances; it didn’t even have an outlet. In my head, I always said: Later. Someday.

I had a birthday earlier this month (oy, another) and Jerry disappeared for a while the night before. I woke to a box at the breakfast table, a big box with a shiny white appliance inside. My juicer at last!

Nothing like a new toy to get the creative (sorry… sad, painful pun ahead) juices flowing. Experiment, I did. I made carrots, five pounds, with a hint of cinnamon and clove. Even better: carrot with ginger and lime. But best of all, the very best juice of all, is basil and apple.


I picked a variety of organic apples from the trees at Los Poblanos, where the ripest fruits clobbered me in the head and feisty green beetles bombed me from all sides.


I tossed in a healthy bunch of spicy mint from Joanna’s garden, and a handful of sweet Italian basil from our little herb patch.


I chopped ginger and apples into small hunks….


and squished it all through the machine.

more juice

Just a touch of New Mexican honey went into the mix. Very simple, all in all:


Then all you need is a hot afternoon, a shady tree and the time to sip.

2 replies on “New Toy, New Obsession”

I had a fresh apple and ginger juice at my local farmer’s market a few weeks ago. The two flavours go so well together, but on this occasion my drink was slightly spoiled by the excessive amount of ginger the guy put in it. It was far too strong even for me, and I’m a huge fan of ginger (and spice in general).

I can imagine your basil and apple combo working too, both flavours are very crisp and fresh.

I’m a ginger fiend. I love the stuff, and I’ll eat it straight, or dipped in a little honey. But you’re right, sometimes we get a plug of super hot or acerbic ginger and the fire overpowers the flavor.

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