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$30 Fish and Happiness

Fish pond

I’m way overdue on this one, but better late than not at all, right?

Much of Asia subsists on less than a dollar a day. Kids go hungry, parents die young. People often ask me what an average person can do to help. What good is my $20 or $50? What’s the point, when millions suffer?

Here’s my answer: every dollar can help. I see it in people’s eyes, I know it in their smiles, and eventually it ends up in their bellies. Case in point, the woman above. Her name is Sarun, and she’s up to her thighs in a fish pond with a 120 little swimmers. They’re her fish, growing strong, thanks to a $30 donation and a small organization.

We met Sarun through our friend, Hing Channarith, CEO and founder of the Cambodian Children’s Advocacy Foundation, which funds grassroots projects in Kampot Province. You know that old saying about teaching a man to fish…. If you buy a woman a fish, her kids will eat for a night. If you build her a fish pond, her family will eat for years. Not only that, they’ll make money on the surplus. It takes just four months for fish to reach marketable size. Plus, Sarun plans to use the fishy water to grow a vegetable garden around her pond. Double goodness! It’s all part of the CCAF Family Fishpond Project aimed at widows, orphans, disabled villagers and poor farmers in rural areas where work is hard to find and food goes scarce.

It took just $30 to change Sarun’s life.

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Hello Jerry and Karen,

Sarun has been collecting fishes and some of them were given to Saroeun (her sister) who is a wheelchair user. They are happy with this fish pond as a source of fishes for their daily meals. Thank you for posting this story-Great job!



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