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Life on the Move

A funny thing about our coffee friends (see previous post): They understand what we’re doing. For weeks, I’ve tried to explain to people that we are NOT moving back to the US, per se. We’re investing in a house, then returning to Asia for the bulk of our work. We will juggle time between two continents. (I prefer to think of myself as a nomad.) But that’s a difficult concept for many Westerners to understand – you either live in a place or you don’t; the transient way of life falls outside the boundaries of acceptable or understandable.

But our coffee shop friends understand perfectly. This is a gathering place for men from faraway provinces who make the long trek to Phnom Penh in order to rent a cyclo, peddle a few people around town for a week or two or three, then return home to family and farm with (they hope) a small bundle of riel in their pockets. Cambodia is, after all, a country whose people understand the necessity of movement. Work and home often do not converge.

What our friends perhaps don’t understand is that Jerry and I pick this lot in life. In Cambodia, transience is born of necessity but rarely choice.

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I just found your site and scanned through a couple of posts and I’m already loving it! You are combining two of my most favorite things in the world : food and travel. I foresee countless hours of browsing in my future. 🙂

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