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New Year’s Buckwheat Breakfast Galettes (Gluten-Free!)

Not every meal can be as rich as this. But most days, the things we eat carry their own stories. Here’s to a New Year filled with good foods and the conversations around them.

This is how we started Christmas Day: with a mound of gluten-free buckwheat galettes filled with olives, prosciutto, gruyere, onions, rosemary and more. I highly recommend them as the beginning to 2012.

To find the recipe, and the story of my previous encounters with galettes—first on the Cambodian coast, then in Paris—read my latest post in the The Faster Times.

Beyond all, have an extraordinarily healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!

2 replies on “New Year’s Buckwheat Breakfast Galettes (Gluten-Free!)”

Sounds delicious! Not to take anything away from the galettes, but husband Jerry may vaguely his Oma making blintzes in a very similar way – hot iron skillet, batter whisked then stored for an hour or so, working quickly to flip the blintz. Delicious in any dialect.

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