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Small Harvest, Big Reap

That, right there, is about the size of our harvest this year—a few small grapes. That’s what happens in a year of fires and droughts, moves and transitions. But don’t get me wrong. We’ve reaped far more in the past few months than our garden shows.

It’s been pretty quiet around here lately—here on the blog. But the irony of the Internet is that life online is often antithetical to life as lived. In reality, I’ve been racing like crazy for months—since the semester started in late August, and the Burmese training before that, and a trip across south Texas before that, and several weeks of manuscript work before that, and the year in Boulder before that…. I can dig way, way back for a long, long time without finding much respite.

But then, early last week, things started to shift. I gave a big lecture, which had had my gut in knots for weeks. Months, really. But I got up that morning. The Pollner family came to my class (and we all survived). We had a reception. I gave the speech. And the world lifted from my shoulders.

Then I went to the Old Post and wolfed down a ginormous plate of fries with a portobello sandwich minus the bun. Plus a few glasses of red wine. Followed by a long, deep sleep.

I slept some more.

I breathed.

My family came to visit.

We did lots of fun stuff (and had even more fun eating).

And now, this week, I’m finally embarking on the rest of my life… wherever it may lead. I’m ticking off one thing at a time from that monstrous to-do list that’s shadowed my every move. I’m starting to cook again. I’m taking time to think. I even gave my class an assignment in inspiration: take an hour and a half, go somewhere, do something, anything, that inspires. Do it for you. Tell me what you do. It’s critical for those of us who work for ourselves to take that sort of time every now and then. When we set our own hours and no one else sets the parameters for us, it’s too easy to save the bubble bath, museum visit, novel reading, movie watching for another day, another time. But then another day comes, and the workload grows. And we never do the things that inspired us in the first place.

You know what I mean?

So, starting now, I’m getting back to this blog, to cooking and eating and writing the way that inspired me long ago. Check back more often, because I’ll be here more often. And you’ll find a few new things, too. Starting now, all of Jerry’s photos on this site will lead directly to his own, where you can find more images (all for sale or general perusal). Just click a photo, and you’re there.


5 replies on “Small Harvest, Big Reap”

Wow, food in Missoula has changed since our college years! We’ll need to have a reunion there some day and you can introduce us to all your new finds.

Hi Karen, I’m excited to hear more of what you eat and cook here in Missoula. Some of us are always reading food blogs but they take place in NYC, Oaxaca or somewhere far but to follow you through Missoula will be fun!

Happy, it’s true!

Thanks, Hannah. Check back later this week – I should be posting on my flurry of cooking this past weekend.

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