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Bison Times

Photos by Karen

We traveled with the Burmese to the Blackfeet Nation. We stayed in tipis and sang by the side of a bonfire as a full moon arced overhead.

We ate buffalo heart and ribs in a native meal.

We watched dancers dance in their traditional ways

as drummers drummed

and Heart Butte shook from the pounding of footsteps and voices.

And then we met Woody Kipp

and he took us across the land

and he told us what’s happened to his people

since they stopped eating bison and started eating beef. You can read the story now in The Faster Times.

10 replies on “Bison Times”

Thank you, Maureen. I just got a new little camera, and I’m having fun experimenting with the black-and-white options (panoramas, too!).

thank you for this, and the Faster Times story. It resonates here in Central Australia where Aboriginal people face similar difficlties. Hunting of kangaroo and other bush foods has been replaced with beef, flour and sugar and ‘sit down'(welfare) money with the same results. Government pressure to assimilate is strong currently. Your photos and clear story will make this easy to share with local people to show them they are not alone in their struggle.

Thanks, Rosa.

Kay, thank you for those insights – the situation definitely sounds like it’s worth a story. I’m glad the bison piece offered you something useful.

Beautiful photos, elegant and tragic at the same time. Very insightful, gives me a broader understanding for my love of anything food-related. Your stories give me another viewpoint, another side, and I’m learning so much, thanks to you.

Hi Woody – great to hear from you. What would you like to know in particular? Honestly, I just used a little digital Nikon and put it on auto. I’m sure Jerry would be happy to chat with you about photography, though!

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