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Don’t Forget the Picnic Dip

Lao jaeow mak len (grilled tomato salsa) in the making

Folks, the holiday is almost here. Are you ready? I’ve just posted six recipes for dips, salsas and relishes that you’ll want on your 4th of July table. It’s an eclectic mix, reflecting the multicultural nation this is. Have a gander at The Faster Times. You’ll find:

The finished jaeow mak len

the simplest delicious Cambodian salt-pepper-lime dip…

for seafood or beef kabobs…

an olive salsa so good, we served it at our wedding…

Oma’s stinky cream cheese-caper-anchovy-onion liptauer

Cambodian green mango relish, and a Burmese guacamole recipe you’ve already seen here. Enjoy! It takes a good dip to make a party.


7 replies on “Don’t Forget the Picnic Dip”

I’m cracking up at Oma’s stinky cream cheese-caper-anchovy-onion liptauer. This is a new one on me and I think it could probably use a different name. LOL

These dips look fabulous!

lol. I disagree Maureen, I long for “Oma’s stinky cream cheese-caper-anchovy-onion liptauer” just because if it’s name. I adore anchovies.

What a fun theme for the celebration. Here in New Zealand we were discussing eating super American foods like hamburgers and hot dogs. Yet you’ve gone and turned that on it’s head with your amazing multi-cultural spread.

Thanks, all. I’m not sure what Jerry’s Oma would think of the new name I’ve given her liptauer, but I owe her some credit for my great love of stinky foods. Her fondness for garlic and onions has passed through the generations, and our kitchen bouquet is homage to that.

An amazing blog written by an amazing woman. Her style of writing draws one into the story she is re-creating. A wonderful creative talent. And the food and photographs are a delicious bonus 🙂 Well done!

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