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A Papaya in the Works

Young papaya

And so it appeared on Christmas Eve! If you’ve followed Rambling Spoon for the past few months, you might recall previous discussion of a little papaya tree brought to us by our dear friends the birds. Our tiny tree bloomed back in August and we patiently awaited the first signs of a fruit. Will it come? Will it ever come? And then on Christmas Eve afternoon I noticed a wee yellow appendage, the beginnings of a baby papaya, bathing in the harsh dry-season sunlight of our Chiang Mai porch. Yippee!

I will be taking a break in the upcoming week. The in-laws are in town, and we’re whisking them away to Luang Prabang. I don’t expect to be posting much in that time, but I do expect to eat with all-out abandon. That ancient Laotian city, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is one of my favorite eating (and relaxing and exploring) destinations in Asia. Touristy? Of course, but I don’t care. It’s a place where I can sit beside the Mekong, drink a Beerlao, munch on some crispy fried Mekong seaweed and feel utterly inspired to write about the world around me. Plus, the Laotians know how to put on a celebration. So do check back next week for news of our holiday adventures, as well as progress reports on the papaya.

May 2007 bring peace and health to all of you. And good food!

6 replies on “A Papaya in the Works”

Hope you enjoy every minute of it, and I look forward to reading about it all next week. (And viewing photos?)

I hope you’ll be able to post all the photos (from flower to mature fruit) when you’re ready to pick it! That would be neat to see…and whatever you turn it into….breakfast, Som Tam…Have fun with the ‘rents

Thanks for lurking. I, too, hope the papaya grows into a fine edible specimen. It’s still really small and yellow, though.

[…] One last sad note of news. The papaya. I took a look the other day, and it simply fell off. Just like that, into my hands, half the length of my thumb. I took it inside, intending to slice it (how small can you get with a green papaya?) and taste what the tiny thing had to offer. But our dear housekeeper, Khun Nee, came that day and by the time she left, the papaya was gone. It was not her fault. I’m sure it looked like a sad, shriveled little bulb that didn’t belong on the counter. We tried, and so did the tree. […]

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