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Free-range, hand-gathered, hand-packed eggs without hormones, pesticides or antibiotics from Lori’s Farm, Albuquerque

Did you see that moon on Saturday night? We did, a crowd of us facing east, eyes as wide as that orb rising on the horizon. What a beautiful scene, and what a beautiful night for the season’s first barbecue. We wiped down the picnic table, spread a clean cloth, and gathered for a potluck: spicy Asian burgers, buffalo brats, sauerkraut, mushrooms, fresh salad, curried chickpeas, lots of libations and cardamom-rich rice pudding.

A perfect start to Spring Break—and what a strange concept after all these years! But I rather like the whole idea. And I’m really enjoying this saunter into spring.

Today, our apricot tree opened its first flowers—ever! We’ll see if they survive through a few more weeks with the potential for freezing temps.

Jerry and I both caught sun on our cheeks this afternoon as we hiked through a northern stretch of Petroglyph National Monument. See all those hands pictured in this link? We saw that rock today. Every time I visit the Petroglyphs, I’m stunned that such a place exists on the very edge of town, and that these images really, truly are old (well, except for the rocks marked “Tom and Bob”).

Tomorrow morning, I turn east. As some of you already know, I’m spending the bulk of my Spring Break at MIT for the Knight Science Journalism Food Boot Camp. A small group of journalists from all over the globe will have four solid days of back-to-back sessions on all manner of issues. It’s a packed lineup: food processing, foodborne infections, E. coli, the future of food safety, overeating, obesity and marketing, global population and agriculture, feeding the world, fighting hunger, flavor detection, technology and the philosophy of agriculture, public policy and healthy eating, food and microbes, and myths about meat production.


I might need a break to follow my Break.

But I wanted to fill you in on what I’m doing because this is one big week of opportunities to bring questions to the table. I already have a whole list of my own queries. But what would you like to know? As readers, eaters, cooks and consumers: what would you like to ask these folks?

Leave a comment or send me an email and I’ll do my best to take your thoughts and questions to MIT.

And I’ll tell you what I learn after I return next week (and after Jerry and I have a few days playing and eating like tourists in Boston).

Happy spring!

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  1. Let me know if you need a tour guide to Flour, or anything MIT, really. 🙂 I live right on MIT’s campus, so if you have free time or just need to know the best places to eat here, you know who to email!

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