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Big Soup, Big Love

I post this picture today in honor of Valentine’s Day, my husband and the animated life we have created together. I know he’s missing travel as much as I am right now, so here’s a little reminder. This is about the biggest noodle soup we’ve ever encountered, anywhere. It’s served with a smile at the Simmaly Restaurant in Phonsavanh, Laos, near the Plain of Jars. Yes—that is a whole basket of lettuce, a full clump of cilantro and two limes accompanying a mountain of noodles with hot broth, crisp green onions and the best darned smoky-spicy chile sauce in town. We’ve been eating this soup for almost as many years as we’ve been visiting Phonsavanh. The Simmaly is where we’ve shared many a breakfast with expats before heading into the dusty countryside, and then again at night to down a few beers after an aching day on the road. You’ll never pay more than a few dollars for dinner at the Simmaly. And you may never make your way through that whole bowl of foe!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Happy Valentine’s Day, our friends! We ate at May Cafe last week and thought of you two…. Missing you lots!

Thanks, everyone, for all of your comments. Chocolate Central, I do not have a recipe for this particular soup, but you have inspired me. I realized I have never posted a good, basic noodle soup recipe. Let me fiddle in the kitchen a little….

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