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I Heard a Wok

It’s amazing the way sound becomes embedded in our psyche. I went for a run through the neighborhoods around Chautauqua, here in Boulder, and I heard it: the unmistakable clank of a spatula against a wok. I followed the sound and peeked through a fence to find a little backyard rotunda, obviously an outdoor kitchen of sorts. Someone was cooking, and the sound instantly transported me to another place. Clink clank clank clink. A few birds, a little breeze, traffic in the background. These are the sounds of Southeast Asian food.

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Its truly amazing the small things that many of us take advantage of or don’t realize how great the small things really are.
As a professional caterer and chef over the years I have come across various smells and aromas that have triggered memories of mom in the kitchen and at that moment a smile cracks on my face as I continue the task at hand.
Its these small things that matter. Thank you for sharing that with us!

Thank you, Sasa.

Chef Ricky, you are absolutely right – some of the smallest moments in food remain my most meaningful.

Nisrine, enjoy!

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