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Can a Civet Really Poop Out a Great Cup of Coffee?

We did a blind taste test to discern the flavors and aromas of civet coffee (or its best approximation), with surprising results. Turns out, there might be some substance behind the hype. Read the story in The Faster Times. Then consider getting yourself a coffee tree and a friendly civet.

3 replies on “Can a Civet Really Poop Out a Great Cup of Coffee?”

Just a thought. Alot of the flavors/characteristics your tasters attributed to the weasel coffee (milk, chocolate, no-to-low acid, etc.) are prominent in Vietnamese non-weasel coffee as well … because of the way the beans are processed. Most larger producers (and certainly those supplying less expensive beans like the type you bought at the market) add things like ‘butter oil substitute’ (don’t ask) before or during roasting. Dave’s former employer supplies it to coffee producers in Vietnam .. including Trung Nguyen.
I propose a Tasting, Round 2 — to include Trung Nguyen non-weasel beans, and/or Philippine or Indonesian civet coffee. I’m pretty sure the latter are roasted ‘bare’.

Sasha, I highly recommend a try. It really is a delicious coffee – and believe me, I’ve drunk my way through gallons of Vietnamese coffee varieties over the years.

Robyn, not a bad idea – perhaps we can get the gang together for another round over the holidays. Jerry and I did sample many coffee varieties while searching for ca phe chon. Granted, we knew what we were drinking. But we still gave Trung Nguyen our top votes. I know what you’re saying about those attributes typically found in VN coffee, but this was different. The first sip (without milk) we found almost overpowering with chocolate-like intensity. A little milk turned it into the smoothest, creamiest cup of coffee we’d had after four straight months of travel through Asia. Hmmm. It occurs to me, I wonder how Khmer coffee would fare in a second tasting. I’ve always found it extremely palatable with those chocolate-like flavors and scents not present in other SE Asian coffees.

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