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Photographic Inspiration in the Garden

On really good days, The Photographer gets an itch and takes his camera to an array of food without any prodding from me. This is precisely what happened last week in our garden where, apparently, our chard still grows tall and strong (for those who don’t know, I’m in Boulder and Jerry is in New Mexico). I’m double-lucky to get these images because not only do I have a blog post, I get to see a beautiful slice of home.

These remind me of the compost art we discovered last year. Dead or alive, I think everyday food shows us some of Mother Nature’s most overlooked artistic attributes. I asked Jerry for a quote on what inspired him here. “With its thick red veins, the chard looked like it was filleted from some green, pulsing animal. So incredibly vivid and colorful.”

Um, OK. I guess I can see the beastly qualities of engorged veins—though I probably would have referred to the leaves’ voluptuous curls and tender folds. Then again, something about the photo below reminds me of an inch worm. But the vivid part is what I love best—such contrast, such bold strokes. These days, I’m seeing a lot of brown and white in the Colorado outdoors.

That last photo comes from hours spent juicing nearly a gallon of pomegranate juice, now in our freezer. Thanks for the garden tour, dear husband!

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Wow. Lovely photos, words . . . Beautiful people. The photograph of the pomegranate is shaped like a butterfly. My grandmother fed me my first pomegranate pieces when I was a little girl. I thought I was eating sweet rubies! Thanks for taking me back to that wonderful day.

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