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7 Reasons for the Conscientious Cook to Visit Burma

The junta has eyes over an Immigration office.

Burma is gearing up for historic elections on Nov. 7. Few people expect change. Many Burmese people hope foreign visitors will experience their country, then return home to tell the world what they saw. I’ve compiled a list of 7 reasons to visit Burma—especially if you aim for the food. The story is now in The Faster Times.

Noodle soup topped with fried shallots.

Transporting vegetables, Shan State.

A roadside fire keeps people warm in the winter chill, Shan State

An Akha farmer discusses her organic gardening practices.

A soldier sleeps among his family, possessions and provisions atop the deck of a ferry heading from Yangon to the Delta.

A Delta fisherman doubles as a water taxi driver.

Workers fiddle with the wiring of a decrepit building in Yangon.

Street food in a driving rain.

Buddhist nuns offer evening prayers in a calm break from chopping wood for their cooking fires.

Chicken in a restaurant.

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