Santa Fe Date Day

A flower display at the Santa Fe Farmers Market

Maybe you’re married or maybe you’re not—but you know about Date Night, right? I’m not talking about the movie (which I haven’t yet seen) but the general concept: couples get caught in the routines and responsibilities of everyday life. They need a little time for themselves. They need dinner, a movie, whathaveyou. They need Date Night (remember, the Obamas raised a ruckus last summer when they flew to New York for a night on the town?). Well, lately, we’ve been chatting with a couple of friends about needing more of these “dates” more often. We exchanged recommendations—restaurants, bars, cafés. And we vowed to do better.

So last weekend, Jerry and I did something we’d intended to do for more than a year. We turned Date Night into Date Day, taking the train to Santa Fe (beautiful! relaxing! convenient! and super cheap at $7 roundtrip!), meandering through the sunny hours of a perfect Saturday.

We began just a block from the station (where else?) at the Santa Fe Farmers Market, which reflected a full-on cliché of color (see photo above). I stuffed my tote bag with garlic and onions, and a scent that followed me through the city. I noticed I was not the only customer to browse the nearby Borders in a cloud of Allium perfume!

We lunched at Zia—poky service, mostly mediocre food. But the light! It struck the table at so many angles, and it put Jerry into an artsy photographic mood…

Light on lemon in water, Zia Diner

Light on blue bottle top, Zia Diner

Utensils reflect red awning, Zia Diner

And truth be told, my gazpacho sparked a creative nerve in me—I have plans to tinker with that cold avocado/zucchini/red pepper/corn soup.

From there, we dipped into various galleries, and a thoughtful Bill Eppridge exhibit. We totally lost ourselves, for hours, at Photo-Eye, and the neighboring Garcia Street Books (where I found a great new gem, which I’d known all about but had yet to hold in my hands: Susan Herrmann Loomis‘s latest, Nuts in the Kitchen.)

And that took us through to the moment we glanced at a clock, uttered a few naughty words, and began a quick trot back to the station. We made it—with time enough for a beer (he) and a margarita (I) at the Railyard just before sitting to a stellar sunset ride south, back home.

Great Date Day. What about you?

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  1. I love when our conversations make it to the blog! We STILL have not done our date night, but date day sounds even better. Thanks for the inspiration!

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