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Food for Thought

Rosi digs tomato sauce. (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

Just a few random shots for your Friday pleasure. Have a great weekend!

Would you like ketchup with that? (Mae Salong, Thailand)

Cat with frying rice cakes. (Luang Prabang morning market, Laos.)

5 replies on “Food for Thought”

Whew! For a minute, I was thinking the cat was IN what was cooking in the pan. Then I saw it sitting on the side.
And tell me, was “Rosie” a set-up shot? She sure is a cutie!

Mark, yes, Asia has countless ways to fry a French…. or a frend 🙂

Helen, no kitty cat in the pan (I won’t tell you what was for sale in the market aisle just a block away). And no set-up shots. Unless obvious or otherwise noted, nothing you see on this site was set up. Glad you asked, though, as such standards of photojournalism are easily lost in today’s blurry world of new (and old) media. I’m continually amazed by the number of folks we encounter who don’t even consider there *might* be an issue with setting up shots. That’s a subject both Jerry and I could ramble about forever….

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