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Fruit Salad, Thai-Style

All this thought of pomelo has me reminiscing over a divine fruit salad I ate at a little restaurant up our soi, oh so many months ago. In its day, the Living Room served up some of the best Thai food around — tom kha khai with a spicy kick and no sugar overload; yum pla dook foo with the lightest, most perfectly puffed fish. Yes, we were blessed. Within a two-minute walk, we could find down-home dishes, bold and tasty, with none of the insipid frou-frou abominations that dominate the trendiest of new restaurant menus here. You can find hip anywhere in this town. But you can’t always find good Thai food.

Yet sadly, our little Thai gem is no more. As so often happens, we went away for a month and returned to a heart-breaking change: a mediocre Mediterranean restaurant in its stead. The new place (which is very hip with prices to match) retains the house-and-garden ambience of its predecessor. But as Jerry likes to say: It got everything right but the food.

I digress. The point here is a tasty Thai-style fruit salad, now but a memory of a restaurant long gone. Here’s the recipe, as far as I could figure it. It’s really easy:

The key is pomelo or grapefruit. Then add any/all of the following:
apple chunks
pineapple chunks
cucumber chunks
mango slices
grapes (sliced in half)
Asian pear slices
chopped hot chili

Mix with the following:
chopped green onion
red or white onion slices
chopped cilantro and mint
cherry tomatoes sliced in half

Douse everything in:
fish sauce
squeezed lime
rice vinegar
a bit of brown or palm sugar

Mix everything and let sit until the fruits and veggies soak up the flavor (about an hour) and there’s a balance of hot/sour/salty/sweet. Enjoy!

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I think I’ve only had savory dishes drizzled with fish sauce, lime juice and the other yummy vinaigrette ingredients (similar to Larb, right?)- I love the idea of combining it with this kind of sweet-tart fruit salad. It sounds wonderful!

Thank you for the new blog layout! I feel like all your hidden gem recipes are now in one easy place.

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