In the News: Church Social Goes Bad

Health officials rushed to treat 143 botulism patients this week after they fell violently ill at a Thai merit-making ceremony (the equivalent of a church social), The Nation reports.

All 143 patients had eaten bamboo shoots served at the ceremony. “They came from leftover, unsold containers,” patient Suphan Jankhiew told The Nation. She had tasted one, found it unpalatable and told the cook. “But the cook said that so far everything was okay.”

Next thing you know, 143 people are suffering from nausea, parched lips, breathing difficulties and blurred vision. Botulism is fatal up to 60 percent of the time. Thai health officials hope more vaccine will arrive soon from US military camps, via the World Health Organization.

Now… What was that question about the safety of Thai street food?

May you always eat in good health.

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