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Freezer Art

©2009 Jerry Redfern

This is what happens when you toss a banana in the way back…and forget about it for months.

7 replies on “Freezer Art”

I had to click on this because I’ve got two in a similar state in my freezer. I rediscovered them yesterday. I wonder how many months is too many months??

I always freeze my bananas when they start to go. Thawed they can be used for banana bread. If they were still good when they were frozen, they can be used for smoothies, but move fast before they thaw out completely.

I’m with Ed and Dani – looks perfect for making banana bread. When we lived in Prague, our Czech friends thought we were bonkers when we told them we would freeze bananas when they started to turn. Then they tasted our banana bread (also with chocolate chips) and all doubts went away 🙂

Ah, yes, I’ve made many a banana bread in years past using tired old fruits like this. Sad to say, however, this one went to our compost bin. I had intentions. But most days, I have too many intentions. Time ran out, for me and the banana.

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