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Pomegranate Juice

©2009 Jerry Redfern

OK, so it’s true, I’ve been hiding out in one of the world’s greatest places: Missoula, Montana. I adore this town and I’m ashamed to say how many years have passed since last visit. I’m hitting the market tomorrow morning, and I’ll tell you about that as well as other intriguing finds. Meanwhile, have a glass of juice.

Our pomegranates have arrived. Just before we left home, I picked an armful of fruits, split down the middle, bursting with seeds. When a pomegranate cracks, it’s time to eat. I knew we’d be leaving for a week, so I juiced them.

©2009 Jerry Redfern

How to separate seeds from all those membranes? It’s simple. Fill a bowl of cold water, submerge the fruit and dismantle it with your fingers. The seeds will sink, the membranes will float. Once you’ve discarded all the gunk, all you have to do is run those seeds through a juicer and you’re left with all that tart, nutritious goodness.

If you prefer to cook with your pomegranates rather than drink them, I highly recommend a trip through Laura Kelley’s new book, The Silk Road Gourmet, which offers plenty of tantalizing recipes that call for pomegranates.

More soon….

©2009 Jerry Redfern

4 replies on “Pomegranate Juice”

Luscious photos and thanks for the plug once again!

Pomegranate and Sour Cherry recipes are the ones that the book reviewers are all latching on to . . .

and no wonder – they make for some wonderful flavors. . .


Thanks, Mardi.

Laura, I haven’t tried the pomegranate/sour cherry combo… will have to make that a priority.

JRR, I hope so, but they’re coming fast. The fruits are splitting while still hanging from the trees, and now we’ve had a full day of cold rain. They should be picked soon so they don’t rot.

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