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Recipes from the Homelands

Woman with greens, Shan State, Myanmar

We’ve been away, exploring the high deserts and pine forests of this fascinating state. Camping on lava beds, cycling past blackberries on quiet highways, hiking on canyon slopes filled with ocotillo…. Good trip! Now we’re back in the office on Labor Day.

I wanted to direct you toward a double cookbook review that posted in our absence. I’ve already mentioned both Hsa*ba and Cooking from the Heart, two books that occupy prominent space on my kitchen self this year. If you have a taste for anything Burmese or Hmong, please gobble up these books. Now.

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2 replies on “Recipes from the Homelands”

Hey Karen! Which book would you recommend? In working with the Burmese refugees, I always LOVED the soup (chicken stock, I think) with rice noodles, livened with cilantro. Familiar? In either of the books?

Hi Lorrie, I highly recommend the two books, both of which contain numerous soup and noodle recipes. Hsa*ba also has an interesting cilantro noodle recipe, which she likens to pesto. Haven’t tried it yet, but it sounds delicious.

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