Do You Eat Frozen Foods?

Do you have strong opinions on what you buy, where and how it is produced and what the label tells you? A friendly, chatty researcher named Christian recently called me from Austria. He’s working on a project for a European frozen foods producer, and he’s looking for people to interview about frozen foods. If you’re interested, he’d like to talk with you. Here’s what Christian says:

I’m currently working on an exciting innovation project in Europe with the goal to create radically new concepts for high quality frozen food.
I’d be interested whether you are satisfied with the information available when you buy frozen food. Are the cooking instructions and the labeling clear enough? Do you feel properly informed about origin and way of production of the frozen product? Do you trust that the cooling chain has been unbroken?
What are your experiences in this field, what annoys you? Tell me about your problems and how you wish they would be solved!

Christian from Austria

Intrigued? Send Christian an email ( and he’d be delighted to call you.

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