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Tour de Energy

While I realize that that there are many Americans who pack away 8,000 calories a day (Manhattanites excluded), few of them actually could ride a stage in the Tour de France. Much less the whole thing. Much less eat 8,000 calories a day and lose weight over the course of a month.

This here interesting article talks of how professionals pack it away on La Grande Boucle. What almost surprised me most was the buried little gem that many riders simply eat whatever is offered in the hotel restaurants where they stay.

What surprised me most was this bit from the personal chef to the Garmin-Slipstream team: “Their diets are generally gluten free.”

“If you’re eating the soggy French pasta, it does give your body kind of a nasty, just heavy, bad unhealthy feeling,” said David Zabriskie, one of the lucky Garmin riders. Channeling Karen there, no?

And for those of you who forgot, the recommended daily caloric intake for healthy Americans is: 2,000.

That is equivalent to:
3.4 Big Macs
4.3 Corn Dogs
4 Hot & Spicy KFC Chicken breasts
36 pappadams
10 pints of bitter.

Posted by Jerry, covering for the real Rambling Spoon…

4 replies on “Tour de Energy”

This is encouraging, so you are saying that I can have 12 pappadoms for breakfast, a big mac for lunch and 3 pints of bitter for dinner and I will be on target in terms of calorie intake?

My new diet starts tomorrow!

Daniela – Yes. That is exactly what that means. Personally, I eat nine papadams and drink seven pints of bitter (I round up) every day and I feel pretty good.
Karen – go climb a volcano.

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