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The Tooting Halfway House Kitchen Library

I’m working on my own kitchen library, but I doubt it will ever match this mighty impressive collection of culinary reads (and what you see here is only half of it—the rest is stacked upon office shelves upstairs). I suppose such an achievement is to be expected when you bring together the food and drink editor of this informative group and the editor of this fine site, eating and cooking and living tastefully under one roof.

Lucky us—we got to be guests in this dynamic household! We took the long route home from Asia, with a four-day stop in London. We’d met Him and Her for dinner on our last trip through, in October. When we came through this time, They generously offered their guestroom as a halfway stay between continents. We couldn’t have asked for better hosts and guides, who welcomed us with a full-on home-cooked Burmese meal made from the recipes of this grand book (to which She recently gave a big thumbs up).

Nor could two fans of Indian food have asked for a better halfway house location. She and He live in Tooting, which offers one of the world’s best assemblies of Indian and Sri Lankan eats. Next up: touring London with two of the city’s most refined palates.

4 replies on “The Tooting Halfway House Kitchen Library”

We are so separated by a common language. “Tooting Halfway House” had me rolling on the floor, until I read further…

I used to live just down the road from Tooting – it really is the best for Indian food! I like the picture of the bookes. My mothers kitchen library is something like that – I tried to count the books but had to give up….
its an impressive collection. And yet, I’ve never seen her follow a recipe!

JRR, rolling-on-the-floor laughter is a good thing! Gotta have a little fun with a name like Tooting….

Kristine, I’ve often found that people with the largest recipe collections follow them the least. We like to experiment and do it our own way 🙂

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