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Messy in the Kitchen

This, by the way, is the disaster we faced after 8 months away. Everything needed a thorough spring cleaning.

We’d been gone so long, neither of us could remember which drawers held the towels, which cabinets the measuring cups. We’d lost our kitchen instincts. It would take a few days to find our way again.

In order to avert a repeat of The Mouse Problem, we had packed all salvageable spices and dry goods into a tightly sealed metal trunk.

I returned home with so many new spices and condiments and no proper place to put them. Our counters remain cluttered with homeless bags and jars. It might take me another 8 months to get everything back in order.

But that sweet basil plant on the far right, above? It’s now in the ground, growing nicely, along with two others just like it.

3 replies on “Messy in the Kitchen”

I love the way food looks in glass jars. I find the best way to collect them is to recruit friends to the cause. Just let them know you’re in the market and ask them to save all glass containers for you.

Jess, I thoroughly agree on the glass. This kitchen has a lot of canning jars.

Kristine, motivated? I’m feeling utterly un- this morning, after a sleepless night.

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