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A Borneo 4th of July


Lo and behold, we did find hotdogs on the river on the 4th of July! Here we are in a Muslim kampung across the river from Kuching. Bought these tasty red dogs from a friendly family with a streetside stall, just as a storm thundered in.

Happy independence to all.

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Those are very red hot dogs! Were they spicy, or just colored extra red for your enjoyment?

[…] Where, where, where do the months go? Seems like just a few weeks ago we had our 4th of July hotdogs in Borneo, and now the 4th of July is upon us again. You know all the clichés about the speed of time as we age—and I am most assuredly growing older—so here we are mid-summer with a house still in production (bathroom floor, tub, toilet and new kitchen cabinets all in!) and a to-do list that grows as fast as the weeks pass. […]

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