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No Expectations

Not often do we travel without plans or expectations. I won’t complain that most of our trips are filled with places to see and deadlines to meet. But what a joy, to land in Honk Kong with nothing more than 16 hours to fill in any way we pleased!

We did nothing extraordinary—which, in itself, was. We dropped our bags at the hotel and walked and walked and walked (I in new shoes—mistake). We ate early because we could, because our stomachs grumbled after hours of airports and planes without much food.

We chose a bright cafe filled with eaters and talkers slurping soups and noodles. We chose this spot over dozens of others because the menu was long and cheap, and barely an empty table remained. Packed with locals, always a good sign. I don’t even recall the name of the place—didn’t write a thing in my notebook.

But I can tell you we ate salt-and-pepper tofu, cooked perfectly crispy on the outside with a quality salt that indulged the tongue.

And we ate a hotpot pork and eggplant that reminded me how much I would miss Chinese food as it is prepared in Asia.

We filled our bellies, paid the bill…

…then wandered the waterfront as the lights began to shine against a dimming sky. I’m not sure why, but something about the whole circus scene and neon signage reminds me of Candy Land. Like a big, colorful maze of fun.

We rode the Mid-Levels Escalator all the way to the top, peering into tiny windows of life along the way. One by one, every little apartment and bar and library and corner store seemed to scroll past us, as though we stood stationary while the world moved.

I like that about Hong Kong: so much life in so many tiny spaces. Look closely at the level of lights in the photo above, and you’ll see a whole row of joggers running in place.

By the time we finished our walk, I had a new set of blisters. And much gained, for nothing expected.

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Glad you got to visit HK, and enjoyed the huge variety of food, and the mid-levels. We really enjoyed our days there last Nov., not least because Jerry was there, too.

Glad you two had a restful time and hope your new shoe blisters heal Karen.. looking forward to seeing ya later.@@
your never deported friend

Nice. On a personal front, I’m heading for the Great Singapore Sale sometime in July. Being somewhat of a foodie myself, I look forward to the island-wide Singapore Food Festival between 17 – 26 July. Wouldn’t want to miss the Chinatown, Little India and Kampong Glam sections. Mmmm… drool time, folks.

You inspire me to take a trip to HK what a great place, food, to visit!
Thanks for sharing:)

And you can visit me if i can visit you:)


I was quite taken in by Hong Kong last fall, not the least because Jerry was along and has such an excellent feel for exploring places. What a great amalgam of the familiar, the new, the old and the very different. Great food, great atmosphere and the energy of the city and its people was infectious. Wear comfy shoes next time!

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