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Happy All Around

We seem to be hitting more holidays than usual this year. Happy Easter to those of the Christian persuasion! And Happy New Year to those suffering with us in the unstoppable April heat. Now then, would you like a piece of chocolate-orange cake for the holidays?

I never expected to find it on the bumpy, dusty highway between Kampot and Kep, along Cambodia’s coast, where fish and salt dominate the day. But there it is, the Salt + Pepper, offering freshly baked goods along with coffee, tea and juice (and little gift packages of locally harvested salt and pepper). Jerry took one taste of the indulgent slice above and declared it a revelation he hadn’t had in, oh, about six months now. I couldn’t resist a bite–the sort of gooey goodness that smothers the tongue, topped with a refreshing tone of orange. If it weren’t for the wheat thing….

But then came my plate of coconut-marzipan cookies, entirely wheat-free. The woman in the kitchen is German and her daughter is gluten-intolerant, so she knows the deal. She assured me I could eat every last crumb of those cookies without worry (and I did).

If ever you pass through the neighborhood: Salt + Pepper Bakery at the White Horse statue, between Kampot and Kep.

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Yes, let’s not forget Passover. I’m remembering fondly the Passover festivities we had last year in our own kitchen at home…. which feels very far away right now.

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