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Onions & Colors

Just a picture I like, taken near Mandalay’s Eindawya Pagoda, in a row of potato and onion shops

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That must rank as one of the best food photographs I’ve seen this year. She seems so overwhelmed by the task, yet not slightly phased by it. I think what makes this special as a photo is to do with it being portrait format. It wouldn’t be the same in landscape. That makes it a portrait of the woman rather than a photo of the market.

Thanks, everyone, for your kind words. I say this on behalf of the photographer, who is doing my laundry at the moment (he’s a good guy).

Wow, Karen this is an outstanding photo that will somehow stick in the mind. Well done, photographer/laundry man 🙂
Most of the photos are superb anyway and transport me to a world I should love to have experienced. Such a joy!

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