Gecko Cannibal

I’m chopping tomatoes in the kitchen. Plop. A little gecko has landed on my bag of cilantro. This is not unusual; neither is its missing tail (gecko tails can regenerate). But then I look up to the ceiling and another gecko is thrashing its head back and forth, with a wriggling tail in its mouth. That thing keeps going in little spasms for an entire minute before the cannibal gecko gulps down the tail and licks its snout.

I have seen a lot of geckos. We figured the other night we must have at least 50 regular household residents. But I have never before seen one gecko eat another gecko’s tail. That’s just rude.

2 thoughts on “Gecko Cannibal

  1. No, maybe it’s just trying to get a little tail.. oh I’m gonna get in so much trouble for that one…

  2. I’ve seen the geckers take on huge insects, impossibly large cockshafers. If it does not eat them first , it better be motorized.

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