Ice Cream Devils

Just returned to Chiang Mai after a week exploring the hills around Kengtung, in the Shan State of Myanmar. Fascinating people, food and markets, quite different from those in Thailand (even though the Thais and Shans share the same ethnic heritage). I promise, more on that later.

But first: remember my iberry infatuation? I’m psyched to find Chiang Mai’s iberry garden, down one of the quiet sois east of the ever-trendy Nimmanhaemin Road. I wish this had existed while we lived here. I spent a good amount of baht filling up on green tea, passion tea, black sesame and red bean ice cream while working the IMMF gig just up the street.

It’s a great place to hang out among the shade trees outside, or the super funky decor within. It looks like all the paraphernalia (light fixtures, cabinet doors, door knobs, chairs and tables) came from an American Midwestern garage sale. I especially appreciate the dentist’s chair lamp.

Outside, a giant green statue of Mao welcomes all patrons…

…as does the giant yellow fella (below). Apparently, he had to be dropped into the yard via crane. Now here’s the really interesting part: neighbors say this yard belongs to devils that dance in the treetops at night.

As Jerry’s grandmother used to say, “If they say it and it’s true, you can believe it.”

6 thoughts on “Ice Cream Devils

  1. Who knew Mao knew American Sign Language.. he’s signing “I love you” … and iberry, is this another Apple product… it’s touch screen seems a little squishy. And using it outside in the heat seems to render the iberry ineffective for downloads…hope you are having fun!…

  2. I’m totally obsessed with iberry too – I went there countless times when staying in Bangkok for a while! My favourite flavours – mangosteen and tamarind and…well, pretty much all of them!

  3. Xander, it was Jerry’s cup, Blue Havana. He said it tasted like a blue Caribbean cocktail with a splash of rum and fruit. I guess you will have to plan a return to Chiang Mai, just for the ice cream.

    Andy, I think he’s professing his love for the iberry gods.

    Girl in Asia, I’ve had a thing for guava salted plum. Last night I had a taste of spicy green mango, which was super tasty and reminded me of the paletas back home in New Mexico. Pumpkin almond is a fine choice, too. I love that iberry’s selection changes daily.

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