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We Are the Curry

One day while sharing lunch with a couple of the IMMF participants, one of the Burmese journalists looked at the pork on his plate and said that in life, some people are like the meat—one item amid all the other stuff. But we journalists are like the curry, spreading everywhere and covering everything—the meat, the rice, the onions and carrots and tomatoes. That’s what makes our jobs so special, he said. We learn so much, and that knowledge defines who we are.

I had never really thought about journalism that way.

I love it. We are journalists; we are the curry.

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I read this when it was first published over a week ago and the image of journalists as curry to spread and cover everything has stuck with me. It makes me smile each time I think about it. Thanks for sharing this story.

Your work with the journalists from South East Asia sounds fascinating and fulfilling, as well as a bit exhausting at times.

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