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Montmartre Views

Bonjour! Crisp, blue skies beckon Parisians outdoors. A perfect afternoon for a stroll through the city, a coffee, a few hours with a friend.

Sorry for the silence of late, but Internet connections are poor (!) and time is tight. I will have much more for you to savor in the coming weeks. Until then, think of Montmartre and the view from Sacre-Coeur. Think of a lip-smacking little cup of strong French coffee. And a taste of chocolate.

4 replies on “Montmartre Views”

Hmmm…let’s see….48 degrees, cloudy, wet in Portland. Crisp blue skies in Paris. I should be envious, but I’m happy for anyone who gets to go to Paris. Bon appetit!! beautiful pics, too……okay, NOW i’m envious……

OK, so we had rain and slate skies for several days in Paris. But sunshine, too. And now we are in London, where the sun shines further, with forecasts predicting more of the same for several days….

(Funny, we were just discussing Oregon rain last night with our dining partners. I love Portland. But Oregon winters played a huge role in our decision to buy a house in New Mexico.)

have fun in England. Hope paris was a blast too!
glad you’ll have sun in Britain. We were lucky to have two weeks of sun same time in 2004. Scotland should be a hooten-nanny!

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