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The Whirlwind…


I write from Milwaukee amid a quick weekend visit with this half of the family and a few old friends, following a quick communion with the other half of the family in New Mexico in honor of one particular sister-in-law’s successful defense of a PhD dissertation on the evolutionary history of ocotillo plants and their relatives. All of this, while trying to pack and seal up the house for a very long time. In less than a week we have seen more friends and family than we can count on all of our fingers and toes. Pretty good.

Tonight, with a little luck, we shall board a plane to Paris as the start to our round-about route to Bangkok, where I will teach another journalism course with this remarkable guy, through this remarkable group.

Meanwhile, let me tell you about the cake above. I think a certain woman named Cathy must like me a rather lot because she made this incredible, rich, dense, not-too-sweet, bitter-chocolate-coffee gluten-free flourless cake. Again! For me! I have to thank Gluten-Free Goddess for this as well, as it is Karina’s amazing recipe. Try it. Even if you can eat wheat.

Bon voyage! Talk to you soon!

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karen and jerry
have a great time in PAR-EE. Hope all goes well and fun! Say hi to the queen for me!
or at least go see the Horse Guards.

Karen, I love your blog! – the way you think and see the world. I came across it through blogher and am a definite fan. Have a wonderful journey and looking forward to reading about your time in Bangkok.

Mmmm Paris, so many yummy treats- I would tell you to have a croissant for me but well that wouldn’t make you feel good so maybe just find some yummy cheese or chocolate mousse instead! Can’t wait to hear about this installment of your travels! Take Care.

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