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I must confess, I’ve been a little frantic these past couple of weeks, and it’s only going to get worse until we leave the country at month’s end. I’m a little behind on all I had hoped to do. But I want to take the time to express my dear thanks to Margaret, of Tea and Scones, who has granted Rambling Spoon a blog award. I’m thrilled, and it is now my duty to pass the award on to seven other blogs. First, I want to introduce you to a few sites I’ve only recently had the pleasure of seeing—but all three immediately grabbed my attention:

Silk Road Gourmet. Thoughtful, insightful, filling for both stomach and mind.

Uncornered Market. Get your travel fix. (Or renew the itch….)

Gourmet Traveller. Such diversity, so much food. This blog will make you hungry.

Now, full disclosure: this next link honors a good friend and neighbor. But don’t hold that against Jonathan, and don’t let my lack of objectivity keep you from reading his wisdom. Jon and his wife, the Greenhorn Farmers, have left their San Francisco home to start a farm here in New Mexico. Jon’s been writing about the journey for MatterNetwork. Read the Greenhorn dispatches, then peruse the rest of this eco-minded site.

These next sites are already on my blogroll, but I wanted to reiterate my admiration for them. They’re not food blogs, per se, but definitely fodder for the soul. If you haven’t already, check them out:

Our Shared World. Jacob Baynham, a fellow Montana journalism grad (whom I’ve never met), offers deeply interesting stories from his life and travels in Afghanistan, India, Burma, Thailand and beyond. This blog isn’t necessarily updated regularly, but when you see where he’s been and where he’s going, you’ll understand why.

pdfx12. Further disclosure: I help edit the English in the online photojournalism magazine associated with this blog. If you want hard-hitting stories with top-notch photos, this is your site. Every time I work on one of these stories, it puts my entire day into perspective.

Wild Asia. Furthermore disclosure: This isn’t really a blog, but it’s such a good site. If you love Asia and you love the environment, and you want to help save the Asia you love—see this site before you plan your trip. Great resource for environmentally friendly vacations (and longer stays).

Now, I’ve already broken a rule or two by choosing blogs that aren’t really blogs, and several that don’t focus on food. But I’ve always been a rule-breaker. Nonetheless, here’s the deal with the diamond award:

1. When you receive a diamond, write a post about it on your blog.

2. Name the blogger from whom you received the award.

3. Award the diamonds to seven other bloggers.

4. Link them.

5. Tell them they received an award.

Read! Enjoy! And I promise I’ll have more for you in the coming weeks. (But don’t harsh on me if I’m a little erratic until mid-October.

6 thoughts on “Links Galore

  1. Gosh, thanks so much Karen!

    Blogs like yours that blend food, travel and insight into history and current events were an inspiration.

    Good luck with the move!


  2. Hi Karen, I am thrilled to have got an incoming link from you. Thanks so much for the award. This is the second time I get this award, I must have some connection with this diamond (wish it is real, haha!). I realise we have both come across each other’s blog recently but yours has drawn my attention that I want to read more. I am glad you like my blog and look forward to more exchanges to you in the coming days.

  3. What a nice surprise to see this today! Thank you! I’ve also enjoyed going through the other websites/blogs on the list. Good luck getting everything done by the end of the month!

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