3 thoughts on “Where Are We?

  1. ha ha ha…me too! Love those noodles down below, by the way. They look just as good as a greasy breakfast (or, maybe even better) for curing the hangover blues. But good friends are worth it, no?

  2. The map is a wonderfully funny relativistic moment in which you are in two places at once. Of course, it could be that time held still and your position changed in space. Time standing still in Asia – who knew?

    This will be more common of course after the guys under Geneva rev up their new collider ;>)

    Noodles below sound like a quick,yummy treat – especailly with lots of nuoc cham standing by.

  3. Michelle, good friends are worth the worst headaches. Everyone should have friendships like these.

    Laura, sometimes it does feel like time stands still in Asia! Mostly, it just feels like time moves in very different ways.

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