Look What the Birds Dropped In!

Poop Gifts

Gifts of the birds

We have a lot of birds and we have a rather large compost bin, which fetches our breakfast fruit scraps and all the vegetable remnants of dinner. Sometimes the birds like to play around in the compost heap, then flitter over to the bird bath for a dunk. Back and forth and around our porch they go, chattering and flapping.

And pooping.

We have a lot of birds, and we have a lot of bird poop. And now we have a lot of new plants, thanks to the birds.

I initially noticed the bird garden a few months ago, when the first signs of a papaya tree showed up in one of our flower pots. The little tree grew a few inches, and another one appeared beside it. I transplanted both into a larger pot, and today the taller stands nearly four feet.

Meanwhile, the birds kept dropping their seeds around our patio and today we have a three-foot chili plant (with chilies on the way), a six-inch basil, and three tomato plants! The worms got to our first two tomatoes, but we were able to salvage enough for an appetizer and small addition to the Italian-style eggplant dish Jerry’s making for dinner.

Now I’m waiting for a little papaya!

Papaya Tomato TomatoB

10 thoughts on “Look What the Birds Dropped In!

  1. Actually, Andy, we do! There’s a restaurant a mile up the road, on the side of the mountain. The proprietor decided to buy up several of the old working elephants that were kicked off Bangkok’s streets a few years ago when the government banned elephants from Thailand’s cities. They now live in a little camp near the restaurant, not far from our place.

    Also: The other night while dining at a Japanese restaurant in a relatively new little mall on busy Suthep Road a block from our condo, an elephant and its mahout walked up to the window, looked inside for a few moments, then moseyed on toward the 7-11. So much for the ban on city elephants.

  2. Oh! I still have the elephant poop paper we bought there! I love it
    It’s too pretty to use very often. Much better than paper made of, say, monkey poo.

  3. Hi! I just came across your blog while doing a search for fried Mekong seaweed. My husband spent about a year and a half in Laos and always talks about the seaweed snacks. I tried to fry nori and it tasted TERRIBLE. I was wondering if you, or anyone reading this, would have any idea where I may find a recipe or purchase some of this tasty snack. Thanks so much! Your pictures are ABSOLUTELY gorgeous. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing them!!!!

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