Bunches and Bunches


Here’s another thing I adore about Asian cooking and shopping: the stunning abundance of herbs. Bunches and bunches, piles and piles. Pictured above is what I bring home from an average trip to the market. Cilantro and green onions are often sold together. Mint and basil (Cheebwangkham always has at least three basil varieties available) are pre-bundled, tied with a natural-fiber string or rattan. It’s impossible to buy a small amount! Sometimes I make a jar of pesto. Sometimes I add mint to our pitcher of drinking water. And still, we have too much. What isn’t eaten ends up in our compost pile, eventually scattered around our plants.

By the way, the above assortment comes to 9 baht (less than 25 cents).

4 thoughts on “Bunches and Bunches

  1. Here is a sad story for you (for contrast of course). Tom and I went to the grocery store last night for Pizza fixings and while looking for Basil found the saddest, dried out handful of basil one could imagine. And it cost…..$2.50! It wasn’t even useable, it needed burial quickly!
    Needless to say we didn’t get it. But did have some fresh oregano at home that we are growing.
    I guess that’s what happens when you ship veggies to 6% humidity!

  2. You know, here in Wisconsin right now, you can buy basil, cilantro, dill, rosemary, mint and chive plants that are less expensive than the sad bunches in the grocery store. I’m thinking of doing that. I’m going to make laap for some friends on Monday; I think I’ll buy the appropriate herb plants, use what I need and give the remainders to my friends for planting.

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