Asian Labels

In Brunei a couple of months ago, I picked up a package of gluten-free noodles made from sweet potatoes (slightly slippery but rather yummy, much like thick rice noodles). The package pretty much says everything else. Gotta love the creative English found in Asia:

Pepper Up the Wazoo

As promised, I’m returning to pepper. In case I haven’t been clear: Cambodian pepper rocks. And it’s not just its versatile flavor, which can range from intensely spicy to mildly sweet with a hint of flower. But it’s the history that went into making this pepper, which now grows in some of the former battlefields […]

A Shot of Prevention

Coup update: Bangkokians go ga-ga over the tanks surrounding government buildings. Schools are making field trips to the area, and kids are posing for photos beside the mighty machines. Vendors have set up shop, selling food and balloons amid the carnival affair. My question is: What happens if/when the military decides it’s not yet the […]

Thailand Update

We’re in a holding pattern, waiting to see how the new powers will play out their roles. The military has vowed to select a new leader within two weeks, and to restore democracy within a year. I’m not sure I would have noticed a thing, however, had I not already known of the coup. Here […]

Bangkok Coup

We appear to be in the midst of a coup, though the tanks are several hours south in Bangkok and the night is quiet here in Chiang Mai. So quiet, we ate dinner through the ordeal. The Internet went out (now we know why) and we downed a tasty bowl of paprikash. Coup rumors have […]

Enchanted Beng Melea

Beng Melea, as it is “Sad fragility of human things! How many centuries and thousands of generations have passed away, of which history, probably, will never tell us anything: what riches and treasures of art will remain for ever buried beneath these ruins…” — Henri Mouhot I used to take my notebook to a lonely […]

Fruit Salad, Thai-Style

All this thought of pomelo has me reminiscing over a divine fruit salad I ate at a little restaurant up our soi, oh so many months ago. In its day, the Living Room served up some of the best Thai food around — tom kha khai with a spicy kick and no sugar overload; yum […]

Beautiful Salads

Apologies to those in northern climes, where fall is surely on its way. I should have posted this in early summer. But here in Southeast Asia, we’re just getting the first whiff of dry air, of the season closest to “summer” as we know it in the United States. This light and refreshing chicken salad […]

The Usual

The other day we had a little work in Kep, not at all a bad place to emerge for lunch. We went straight to the Thmor Da (the usual, the ordinary) restaurant in a little market strip that hangs over water’s edge. What you get here is indeed the usual, Kep-style, which is truly wonderful: […]

What a Starfish Can Do

First on order: Many thanks to Pim for her kind reference to Rambling Spoon on Blog Day. I happened to be sloshing through the muddy backroads of southern Cambodia last Thursday, but I returned to the city and discovered a leap in readership. Welcome all new visitors! I hope to keep you informed and fed. […]