Gratitude: A Work in Progress

Thanksgiving Day brunch bread made with the Good Food Store’s gluten-free mix (sold in bulk), topped with drunken tangerines swimming in honey, Amish butter and week-old Rex-Goliath Chardonnay saved for cooking. More often than not, Thanksgiving catches us mid-stream, mid-life. We have spent far more Thanksgivings away from home than in our own kitchen. In […]

Baking Bread, Making a Living

7 January Bread Co., 1998 It was 1998 when Jerry first visited the 7 January Bread Co., named for the day the Vietnamese invaded Phnom Penh and ousted the Khmer Rouge. The factory is tucked in a big building, blackened with the soot of continuous fire. Young men hustled through the blazing heat of the […]

Thanksgiving Nibbles

I’m getting a head start, but I fear I made these pecans a bit too early. They won’t last until Thursday. I do believe these are the liveliest pecans I’ve ever tasted, and I can’t keep them out of my mouth or my husband’s claws. I came across the recipe for Candied Chile Pecans a […]

Happy All Around

We seem to be hitting more holidays than usual this year. Happy Easter to those of the Christian persuasion! And Happy New Year to those suffering with us in the unstoppable April heat. Now then, would you like a piece of chocolate-orange cake for the holidays? I never expected to find it on the bumpy, […]

The Whirlwind…

…begins. I write from Milwaukee amid a quick weekend visit with this half of the family and a few old friends, following a quick communion with the other half of the family in New Mexico in honor of one particular sister-in-law’s successful defense of a PhD dissertation on the evolutionary history of ocotillo plants and […]

Baked Grape Leaves

The old man of decades past left us with a luscious grape vine that creeps across the yard, a little more every day. The first tiny bundles of grapes appeared a couple of weeks ago. They’re no bigger than pinheads now, but if last year gives us any indication, those grapes will ooze with sweet […]

Cornbread Man

My husband must like me because he makes me a lot of cornbread. Since moving Southwest, we’ve exchanged a fair bit of rice for a tidy sum of corn (that will change soon, as we depart again for Asia). Since I don’t eat wheat, and Jerry has determined he feels better without it as well, […]