A Recipe for Roseburg Peace

The North Umpqua River near Roseburg Jerry and I lived for several years in Roseburg. He worked at the local paper, The News-Review, while I went to graduate school up the road in Eugene. It’s sickening to hear what happened yesterday. That is not the Roseburg I knew. Some of the best friends in life…Continue readingA Recipe for Roseburg Peace

Lessons & Recipes from a Holiday Kitchen

This year, we decided to spend Thanksgiving at home, alone. Just the two of us. We don’t hate our families, we’re not anti-social. We’ve just had months and months of travels hither and yon, with multiple visits to relatives east and west, and more planned for Christmas. We were tired. Still are. But we had…Continue readingLessons & Recipes from a Holiday Kitchen

Olives & Everything.

It’s the little stuff, life’s petty displeasures—muddy floors, email glitches, lost time, lack of sleep, bikes with flat tires just when I want to ride—that ruffle me and make me that person I don’t want to be. The person who lacks perspective. But it’s also the little stuff that does just the opposite: makes me…Continue readingOlives & Everything.

Waiting for Baby

It’s early, just as the sun begins to creep across the neighbor’s field and in through our bedroom window. We get the call. It’s time. At least we think it’s time. We thought it was time last night, when we drove north then east to care for a 3-year-old niece while her Mommy and Daddy…Continue readingWaiting for Baby

Ancient Chocolate

Aztec Warrior Chocolate, Kakawa Chocolate House, Santa Fe It’s amazing what the palate can forget. The Aztecs and Mayans drank their chocolate rich and frothy; mixed with chile, flowers and achiote to give it a distinct red hue. It resembled nothing of the solid uniform rectangles sold today. Mesoamerican cacao was an elixir, a status…Continue readingAncient Chocolate

Cupids & Tigers

A Phnom Dek villager in Cambodia’s Preah Vihear province picks a coconut from the tree in his front yard. His family planned to use the coconut in a Chinese New Year cake. Wishing you lots of love, health and happiness on this Valentine’s Day as the Year of the Tiger comes roaring in.Continue readingCupids & Tigers

Pumpkin Time

A few Monday mornings ago, I cycled through the Bosque. As I pedaled past cottonwoods with their first yellow leaves, I thought about stories to pitch my editor and food blurbs to write for the Gourmet website. I do a lot of brainstorming while riding or running. Little did I know I had no more…Continue readingPumpkin Time

An Ode to a Grandmother

When we first arrived in Phnom Penh, in early March, all of the young waiters at the Veiyo Tonle restaurant had shaved their heads. With great sadness, manager Neth informed us their beloved Grandma had died that week and she was cremated that day. Many on staff had come through the New Cambodian Children’s Life…Continue readingAn Ode to a Grandmother

Happy All Around

We seem to be hitting more holidays than usual this year. Happy Easter to those of the Christian persuasion! And Happy New Year to those suffering with us in the unstoppable April heat. Now then, would you like a piece of chocolate-orange cake for the holidays? I never expected to find it on the bumpy,…Continue readingHappy All Around

Ice Cream Devils

Just returned to Chiang Mai after a week exploring the hills around Kengtung, in the Shan State of Myanmar. Fascinating people, food and markets, quite different from those in Thailand (even though the Thais and Shans share the same ethnic heritage). I promise, more on that later. But first: remember my iberry infatuation? I’m psyched…Continue readingIce Cream Devils