Eating Around: A Visual Food Tour of Phnom Penh

This, my friends, is the market where we used to shop for groceries when we first lived in Phnom Penh oh so many years ago. But I barely recognize the Boeung Keng Kong market today. I remember wooden stalls, mud puddles and mystery stenches. The vendors were generous, and I loved the magnificent arrays of…Continue readingEating Around: A Visual Food Tour of Phnom Penh

Big Soup, Big Love

I post this picture today in honor of Valentine’s Day, my husband and the animated life we have created together. I know he’s missing travel as much as I am right now, so here’s a little reminder. This is about the biggest noodle soup we’ve ever encountered, anywhere. It’s served with a smile at the…Continue readingBig Soup, Big Love

OMG! So Cute. Little Girls with Soup.

Several girls mix individual bowls of noodle soup at the Sam Neua morning market in Laos. Greetings from the American Southwest. Jerry and I are home to a house that looks much the same. The herb garden grows again, the pomegranates bloom. And we fight the remnants of jet lag while leaping back into stateside…Continue readingOMG! So Cute. Little Girls with Soup.

The Rosi Recipes #5: Num Banh Chok

I’ve lost count of the cookbooks I brought back from Asia this time. I’m fairly certain my weight in books surpassed everything else in my luggage. Among that traveling library was a copy of From Spiders to Water Lilies: Creative Cambodian Cooking with Friends. It’s a beautiful book, which finally presents Khmer cuisine in a…Continue readingThe Rosi Recipes #5: Num Banh Chok

Old Coffins, Hot Noodles

Remember, around New Year’s, I mentioned an archaeological mission to see ancient log coffins in northern Thailand? Quite a trip, that was. The article is out in this month’s Archaeology. And while the story covers the history and scientific significance of this rocky terrain up near the Burmese border, it doesn’t say much of the…Continue readingOld Coffins, Hot Noodles

Mohinga Update

Serving mohinga in Pathein Just a few days after we met the owners of Ancient House, we learned they would be leaving. Their small Siem Reap business couldn’t outlast the economic crisis, so they’ve decided to sell. If they get a decent price, perhaps they’ll go home. If not? Too many people are asking themselves…Continue readingMohinga Update

Mango Rain and Noodles

We left Siem Reap on a day-trip to interview villagers in the countryside. Ten minutes out of town, a mango rain (the term for early spring dry-season showers) drenched the road and everything turned swampy. Definitely atypical in the typically dry month of March. It poured until nearly lunch—which means we didn’t accomplish much before…Continue readingMango Rain and Noodles

Beyond the Tachileik Gate

The vast majority of travelers who cross from Mae Sai to Tachileik see little of the Myanmar side beyond the big market selling cheap music and movies (great deals) and pretty much anything else a person could possibly want from China. Indeed, most Westerners get their stamp on the Thai side, another on the Burmese…Continue readingBeyond the Tachileik Gate

Hangover Noodles

Wow! Where did that week go? We’ve been lost in the month-long haze that precedes our overseas departures. Always, so much to do and never enough time to finish them. By Friday night, we’re ready for a diversion. Which is precisely what happened the Friday before last. We invited our good friends Val and Jon…Continue readingHangover Noodles

A Day Alone at Doi Angkhang

Something I’ve been holding onto for a long time… (Jerry wasn’t on this trip, so photos are courtesy of my unprofessional eye.) Sunset at Doi Angkhang I’m in the far northern hills of Thailand, near the border with Burma’s Shan State. This land goes up and down, in steep terrain that villagers climb by foot…Continue readingA Day Alone at Doi Angkhang