Introducing: A Farm, a Website, a Recipe for Grilled Padróns

  ACKKK! Confession: every time I look at this site lately, I’m socked with guilt. Guilt, because I see the expansive gaps between my posts. Guilt, because I miss my time with food and words, words and food. We’ve been busy. We’ve had a gazillion things going on in life – as everyone does –…Continue readingIntroducing: A Farm, a Website, a Recipe for Grilled Padróns

Don’t Forget the Picnic Dip

Lao jaeow mak len (grilled tomato salsa) in the making Folks, the holiday is almost here. Are you ready? I’ve just posted six recipes for dips, salsas and relishes that you’ll want on your 4th of July table. It’s an eclectic mix, reflecting the multicultural nation this is. Have a gander at The Faster Times.…Continue readingDon’t Forget the Picnic Dip

A Snack for Cheeseheads

Speaking of Wisconsin, and beer food, I’m really surprised my fellow Cheeseheads have not picked up on this: wafer-thin fried cheese, Yunnan style. See—it’s all crispy and bubbly, dipped in salt (and a teensy bit of sugar). Looks like a chip, but it’s CHEESE! Can you think of better bar food for America’s Dairyland? Just…Continue readingA Snack for Cheeseheads

Making ‘Cheese’

Someday, I will write an apt description of the Cambodian road. The dust, the sand, the mud, the puddles. The dips and gouges, rocks and ravines. The way butt and thigh muscles work together, tensing and gripping the motorbike seat. The stamina it takes just to hang on. “Plau roaum,” Khmers say. Dancing roads. It…Continue readingMaking ‘Cheese’

First Bite: Rocamadour

Sorry, Wisconsin. Paris puts you to shame. Growing up in America’s Dairyland made me a lover of all things cheese. I adore the walk-in refrigerated cheese closets found in many a Wisconsin supermarket. But I’m in absolute bliss among the open-air market sellers and fromageries found all across Paris. Picture this: We’re fresh off the…Continue readingFirst Bite: Rocamadour

One Taste, One Good Book

A splotched cookbook is always the sign of a good one. A tomato-stained, water-warped, onion-scented cookbook means it’s more than just a reference for the shelf. And when you find the pages of such a cookbook caked together after your very first tango in the kitchen with it—well, then, you know you have a winner.…Continue readingOne Taste, One Good Book

A Bit of Yak in the Hand

And what is this? It’s cheese. (Bonus to anyone who names the movie.) It’s hard yak cheese, dried over a kitchen fire, cured for six months, then chopped into cubes. It’s my first taste of Nepal at the Lamaydhura Tea House, a little shop that straddles the border, not far from an outpost called Meghma.…Continue readingA Bit of Yak in the Hand

Elusive Cheese

Border post along the trail dividing India and Nepal We went for a hike. We went for a very long hike that went up and up toward the cold, clear sky. We hiked into another world, that other-world where the air is thin and the mind is blurred. We met an old lady along the…Continue readingElusive Cheese

Cornbread Man

My husband must like me because he makes me a lot of cornbread. Since moving Southwest, we’ve exchanged a fair bit of rice for a tidy sum of corn (that will change soon, as we depart again for Asia). Since I don’t eat wheat, and Jerry has determined he feels better without it as well,…Continue readingCornbread Man


Despite the peculiarities of American eats, I am grateful and thankful for many things here in the homeland — things we couldn’t find in Thailand, or wouldn’t buy for the ridiculous price; things I simply appreciate wherever I am. My list is long, but a few items immediately come to mind: * Friends and family…Continue readingThankful